My Wedding Ideas

There is so much information about weddings available nowadays on the web, that it can get quite bewildering. Where should I even begin?  Are you now beginning to say to yourself, “But I just want to get married?”. Why does it have to be so bewildering.

Don’t fret!  Hopefully this site will help you to put together some basic ideas and thoughts. It’s a place where you can browse in one place without having to search throughout the web. Even if you don’t purchase anything, then it will certainly give you some ideas. It will also act as a reminder of the things that you need to arrange. Irrespective of where you eventually make the purchase.

Weddings are wonderful occasions. They are much enjoyed family events that, hopefully, will be the start of a wonderful new family; one that will last a lifetime.

It can be a nerve wracking and tense time during the planning stage, especially if you’re not used to organising parties or events.

People start preparing well in advance to make their wedding day as perfect as they would like it to be. You need to take care of every little detail, be it the music that will play at the wedding or the dress you will be wearing. A good way to ensure you don’t overlook something is to make a checklist. The hen, stag or sten nights are usually organised about 4 to 6 weeks before the actual wedding day. They are planned to celebrate the ‘last night of freedom’. This could be just a single night out, a night or weekend away or even a longer stay. With the advent of cheaper air travel it is often just the same cost to go abroad as it is to stay in the UK. For your personalised partywear then visit our other site at, where you can get your personalised badges, rosettes and sashes for your event. There are also links to fancy dress sites as well as other items for the wedding such as wedding dresses and bridal wear.

Don’t forget to plan for the wedding favours that you will be giving your guests on the wedding day to thank them for their presence.  Help is available at

Gifts such as chocolates, jewellery or real flowers are a good idea. If you don’t want to go to the expense of buying special gifts, then even a piece of the wedding cake can serve as a favour.

Whatever you decide then hopefully the site will at least give start you thinking about the big day.