Autumn Wedding Party – Guest Favors

Does your calendar say it’s just about spring time? Then you must not have an autumn wedding coming up. Because if your wedding is September through November, your calendar says it’s time now to finish your wedding preparations! Now is the time finalize things such as the entertainment, the location, the caterers, the wedding reception, and yes, your wedding guest and wedding party favors. In this short article, we’ll discuss the steps for selecting the best favors…the ones that will make your event the most memorable.

Remember, this is no trivial matter we’re discussing. Proper wedding etiquette says that you must make some efforts to honor those who are honoring you with their presence. That’s the whole purpose of wedding guest and wedding party favors: to tell your guests that you love them and are thankful that they took time out of their schedules to be with you on this, your most important day. So let’s talk about what kinds of wedding guest favors fit well with autumn weddings.

First, let’s talk food. Specifically, chocolate. There are many kinds of high-grade chocolate available that will work well for wedding guest and wedding party favors. One idea that has become popular this time of year: Order some chocolate mix from one of the better wedding-favor websites and make up a batch. Gather some autumn leaves, and then paint the chocolate onto the leaves. Once it’s hardened, you then remove the leaves from the chocolate, and offer the chocolate leaves as special autumn treats!

Some other foods work well at autumn for wedding guest and wedding party favors: For instance, a bottle of Vermont syrup, a bottle of honey, or a bottle of apple butter are all appreciated. Candy apples are very autumn and very much appreciated. And let’s not forget that autumn is a time of year associated with many of our favorite fruits. Apple cider anyone? A bottle of sparkling cider always works well as wedding guest and especially wedding party favors. Or if you don’t want to actually give the cider away, then how about something to pour it into: Customized wine glasses are quite attractive and quite memorable.

If you do like the idea of offering natural wedding party or wedding guest favors, but want to stay away from edible stuff, consider giving baby trees or seedlings. It’s as simple as having the seedling sent directly to your wedding guests. Or better still, having it stuck inside a gift bag along with a few other tokens of your love. These seedlings can normally be purchased for only a few dollars apiece, and if you buy them in bulk, sometimes as little as $1.25 each.

We just mentioned the idea of gift bags, and let’s reinforce the idea here. Sometimes if you don’t want to buy one larger item for your wedding party / wedding guest favors, you might consider getting them gift bags. Then inside you can toss several smaller items, and attach an attractive gift card. Most of the better wedding favor websites offer some very attractive bags for just this purpose.

What kinds of things should go in the bags? Well, any of the food items we’ve mentioned would be great. Maybe a keying, a flower. . . and of course, a nice card from the new couple. Just try to be creative, and have fun!