Fall Wedding Party – Guest Favors

While the rest of us are getting ready to celebrate spring and then summer, those in the wedding-planning mode are getting ready for autumn weddings. Right about now, final preparations are being made regarding entertainment and food, the invitations are being ordered,and facilities are being secured. In addition,one of the jobs involved in planning this fall event is getting the right wedding party and wedding guest favors. This guide is meant to help you select the right ones. Because let’s face it: Your wedding party and your wedding guests are essential to make your wedding truly memorable. It’s only right–as well as proper etiquette–to honor them with a small gift. Here, then, are some ideal September through November guest and wedding party favors.

First, consider giving chocolate; it makes for wedding party favors as well as guest favors enjoyed by most. But we’re not talking about Snickers candy bars. Instead, opt for a sophisticated chocolate candy, available from most sites which sell wedding favors. You can also try making your own chocolate leaves by gathering some leaves and painting a chocolate shell on them. You then pull the leaf out and you have a deliciously-beautiful chocolate favor.

While we’re talking chocolate, fall is the perfect time to start thinking about hot cocoa. You can offer coffee mugs filled with cocoa mix as wedding guest favors-and they’re sure to love you for it.

Another good idea, perhaps more for wedding party favors, is a warm pair of autumn socks. Tuck these into a personalized gift bag and this is sure to go over well.

There are lots of seasonal foods and tastes associated with autumn. You can use this fact to create some excellent and tasty wedding guest favors. For instance, put some delicious Vermont syrup in the guests’ gift bags, along with some honey and apple butter. And speaking of foods, don’t forget that perennial autumn favorite: candy apples. You can buy these at the local store and place them into a nice personalized gift bag available off many websites which sell wedding guest favors. Or you can provide small packages of the candy mix that you use to make the candy apples in the first place.

Here’s something that is almost always a hit as wedding party favors: seedlings or baby trees. Just have the seedling sent to your guests, or gain, tuck it into a gift bag which you purchase from an Internet favors site. You can usually buy these from $2 to $5 apiece, or even just a $1.25or so if you buy a hundred or more.

Another staple of autumn time are various kinds of fruits–including grape. So why not consider the possibility of sparkling cider or sparkling apple juice as wedding party favors? If you really want to go all out, you could incorporate a special wine glass with the gift.

And hey, don’t feel like you have to stick with just one of these ideas. Again, the idea of tucking a few into a gift bag, or perhaps a special keepsake tin, also available on most wedding favor websites, makes for great wedding party and wedding guest favors. If you’d like to stuff the gift bag or box with a few other small trinkets, you could include items such as keyrings or bottle openers, all of which can incorporate a fall-related design. Use your imagination, and above all, have fun with it!

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