Love Letter: The Perfect Pandemic Pair

The forced togetherness brought on by the pandemic has caused many relationships to become strained. However, others have found that time in lockdown has strengthened bonds.

After Merissa Gerson’s knee surgery in March, her mother flew from Washington to visit and help out. But before her arrival, Ms. Gerson could hardly bear the thought of being in her mother’s company for an entire week. When the visit was extended from five days to 53 because of a stay-at-home order in New Orleans, neither of them expected the hourslong stretches of time together would change their relationship for the better.

Pandemic or not, Sarah Bishop and Kacey Harris were adamant about getting married. The couple, who had originally planned to celebrate their union this March in Hawaii, adjusted their plans three times before settling on an icy elopement Jan. 6 in the Rocky Mountains. The pair braved the elements in dresses purchased for their canceled spring nuptials and played a quick game of rock-paper-scissors to decide who would say their vows first during a self-uniting ceremony. Their two miniature schnauzers served as witnesses and also signed the marriage license with their paw prints (which is legal in Colorado).

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And there was no shortage of creativity when it came to the proposals our readers shared with us in 2020. Here’s a look back at some of our favorite “Will you marry me?” moments.

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