Re-Use Your Wedding Decorations

Weddings involve several preparation and planning processes including spending a considerable amount of time searching for wedding decorations. The time and effort put into selecting the perfect decorations for your wedding makes them hold sentimental value and most couples find it difficult to part with the decorations. The great news is that most decoration pieces used during weddings can be stored and re-used for other occasions.

The first thing is to essentially select the decorations that can be re-used; floral arrangements are not generally the most durable wedding decorations and you might have to throw away most of them once they whither. Centerpieces, candles and potted plants are the decorations to keep from your wedding because they are highly re-usable. Baby christenings, birthdays, family meetings, baptisms and dinners are some of the occasions when the decorations can be put into use once again.

However, you don’t have to wait until your next big occasion to put the decorations into use; you can incorporate your wedding decorations into your home décor. Using the decorations as part of your home décor helps to rekindle the special moments of your wedding day, before beginning to make special moments as a married couple. Couples who move into new houses also find their wedding decorations quite helpful when it comes to giving the house a homely look, before investing in other home decorative pieces.

Have the decorations altered to create a fresh new look for different occasions. For instance, if you could use different colored candles with the candle holders used during your wedding or wrap the candles beautifully in wrapping paper to create a fresh look for other occasions. Wall hangings can also be placed around the house or also set aside and used during special occasions. Centerpieces in particular can be re-used during holiday parties.

In case there are any wedding decorations that use batteries or anything else that can be attached, make sure you remove them to prevent damaging them. Dust and clean the decorations regularly to maintain their quality. Cupcake wrappers used at the wedding can also be re-used severally before finally recycling them. Putting up the decorations can be a fun family activity and it might just become one of your family traditions. Every family member can be assigned a role, for instance unwrapping the decorations or cleaning them before and after use.

In as much as you want to keep your wedding decorations, it is important to be realistic and let go of the pieces that cannot be re-used. The noble act of storing your decorations for re-use can turn into hoarding and it can become uncontrollable if you keep investing in more decorative pieces for other occasions. Clear out broken or unused decoration pieces regularly, especially after stocking up on new decorative pieces.