Wedding Favor Bags – What You Must Know Before Buying Them

Wedding favor bags are small gifts graciously handed to guests of the wedding during their reception. Seen as gestures of gratitude, the practice dates back to the European aristocrats. Today, weddings that distribute favor bags stand out from those that do not.

Depending on the family, it was then filled with delicate confections or sugar cubes. Sugar was an expensive commodity in Europe at that time, with popular sugar candies consisting of sweet confetti or sugared almonds. Today mints and candies are a major part of the wedding favor gift bags or party favor bags, a throwback to these early days.

Couples of modest weddings are able to afford wedding favor bags due to increasing affordable online prices combined with numerous styles and designs. Popular among cultures all over the world, favors are part of the early wedding planning stages and complement the wedding theme.

When shopping online, you can choose favor bags in an organized manner by searching with keywords or browsing by category. The advantage of shopping online for wedding favors is convenience, privacy, and being able to organize your wedding favors – disposable cameras, candies organized by shape (hearts or stars), edible flavors, love quotes, and so on.

There are all kinds of small gifts available for wedding favor bags – dependent on the bride and groom’s wishes, of course. An assortment of gifts are placed in wedding bags which are dependent on the bride and groom’s wishes, with the appropriate size of bags usually having couple’s initials embossed on a paper, plastic or fabric bag.

Some weddings provide larger gifts for guests who have traveled the furthest, leaving them in their hotel rooms.

Other ideas that can be used for favor bags are mints and candies, framed wedding pictures of the bride and groom, personalized bridal party apparel, make up bags, engraved bud vases, personalized key rings, scented monogrammed candles, embroidered wedding handkerchiefs, the historical jewelry boxes for the bridesmaid party, crystal necklace sets, personalized coffee mug or shot glasses, or a personalized writing journal with matching pen set. Each gift[s] needs a bag that fits it, so knowing the gift first before ordering the bag is mandatory.

Shopping online is the only way to choose the perfect bags for your wedding plans, with many bargains available through discounts and sales. The best part if online shopping is price comparison websites that automatically compare prices.